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Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom:
Trauma-Informed Tools to Support Social and Emotional Learning, Student Success and Positive Climate

There is no replacement for attending a live workshop on location or presented as an in-service training at your school/org, as an in-person, interactive experience is always going to be more engaging, informative and beneficial. However, for educators who are overseas or otherwise unable to attend a workshop in person, this online course provides a wonderful alternative.

Who Should Participate:

Similar to the workshops held on location, the online course is designed for
K-12 classroom teachers, administrators, special educators, school counselors, school social workers, occupational therapists, SLPs, physical therapists, physical education teachers, health educators, and paraprofessionals.


Increasing numbers of students across the country lack the skills of self-regulation, impulse control and focus negatively affecting their behavior, ability to learn and overall well-being. These critical life skills, essential to success at home, in school and throughout life, can be learned when taught in a developmentally appropriate, engaging way. Sharing yoga and mindfulness techniques, specifically designed for the time and space crunched classroom, is a convenient, engaging and effective way to promote these skills while cultivating a positive, peaceful productive classroom climate.

Through the framework of - Noticing, Mindful Choice, Practice, Reflection, Integration - you will learn how to empower your students and yourselves with increased self-awareness, the foundation for the development of skills of self-regulation and cognitive control. You will recognize signs of imbalance, and will have the confidence and skills to effectively implement 67 yoga and mindfulness-based activities, specially chosen for their suitability for the typical classroom space and schedule. This means all activities can be done standing beside or sitting at desks, while hands and bodies remain off the floor, away from dirt, germs and chemicals. Yoga 4 Classrooms is easy for teachers, students, parents and therapists to use, and helps to create a more harmonious, learning-friendly school day. 

Participants will:

  • Understand how stress and trauma affect learning and behavior.  
  • Identify the 5 critical steps to integrated self-regulation and its relationship to the science of neuroplasticity.
  • Learn over 67 simple, classroom-friendly yoga and mindfulness techniques to support learning readiness and the development of social and emotional learning competencies and resilience.
  • Crosswalk MY-SEL (mindfulness, yoga, social and emotional learning) with a variety of school roles and standards as well as school and district wide goals and national educational policy.
  • Find and navigate the growing evidence base supporting the integration of yoga, mindfulness and meditation at school.
  • Improve classroom management and reduce behavior referrals by recognizing and proactively addressing group and individual student needs
  • Become a more effective educator, counselor or therapist while supporting your own well being.
  • Access and utilize a variety of tools and resources to support buy-in and funding for sustainable, school wide implementation.

Absolutely no yoga experience is required. In fact, participants are encouraged to wear regular, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes to the workshop as we'll be simulating a classroom experience. This fun and informative workshop will relax and inspire you.

What Participants are Saying:

  • 100% of online workshop participants agreed that the material learned will be beneficial to their students as well as to themselves, both personally and professionally.
  • 97% of participants stated that they feel prepared to implement the Y4C activities in their professional routine using the materials and training received during the online workshop.
  • On average, participants have rated the online content, materials and presentation a 9.8 out of a highest possible 10 point rating.
  • Review feedback from recent course participants at right.

Course includes:

  • Online course is presented  in an 18 module, video-based format (5.5 total hours) to be viewed as is convenient for the participant. Upon registration and payment, participant will be emailed access and materials for the course. Participants have an opportunity to ask questions through the 'contact us' feature as they work through the content.
  • Workshop Guide and Other Materials
  • Certificate of Completion to be provided upon successful completion of the quiz and evaluation. Please note that the quiz and evaluation should be completed within the 30-day access period. The quiz includes pointed and open-ended essay style questions to ensure comprehension of the materials presented in the workshop and materials. Please note your certificate of completion will be emailed to you as a printable PDF file.
  • Post-Training Bonus Resources

Required Resource:

If you already have a copy of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck, please have it ready for reference as you complete the course. If you do not yet have a deck, it is highly recommended that you purchase one in advance of starting the course. You can purchase one directly through Bulk school/org orders (10+) can be purchased at a discount here.

Continuing Education Credit:

CE's, CEUs or PDPs may be available through your employer or credentialing organization. As each credentialing organization has its own requirements and application process, you should confirm that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements.

Registered yoga teachers can apply for Continuing Education Hours for completing this course through Yoga Alliance.

1-3 graduate level credit through University of the Pacific will soon be available for this course! Please contact us to be notified.

Online course hours are not applicable toward completion of the ChildLight Yoga's 95 hour Children's Yoga School.  Please see On Location or School In-Service live presentation options which are valid toward the Yoga Alliance specialty designation of Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) through ChildLight Yoga's 95hr. Children's Yoga School.

Online Course Tuition:  
$149 - 1 to 10 participants, same school/organization
$129 - 11 to 19 participants/same school or organization
$109 - 20 or more participants, same school/organization

Note that access to the online course will begin when payment (or purchase order) is received for registration. This registration form can be used for registrations of up to 20 participants from the same school or district. For registrations of more than 20 participants, please continue on with a 2nd registration submission. Purchase orders are accepted and may be uploaded directly through the registration form. 

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for our policies and waivers.


NOTE: This workshop does not lead to a certification to teach yoga and mindfulness to children, but simply to share techniques with your own students in your own classroom or client sessions. If you are interested in becoming a certified children's yoga instructor, please investigate the trainings offered by our affiliate, ChildLight Education Company. Many school professionals eventually attend both! Please Contact Us with questions.

"Highly recommended! It does not take a lot of time and I liked the way it was broken down into small segments of 15/20 minutes. It demonstrates very well how you can slowly implement the Yoga tools in your classroom. Doing the poses and breathing, etc. in front of your screen with Lisa and the other teachers are really helpful. I love the simplicity and effectiveness. Teachers are busy, they don't want to spend hours and hours to studying a new method, so this format and your materials are brilliant!" ~ UK Participant

“I would definitely recommend this online workshop to others. This workshop is one of the most practical workshops I've ever taken. I have already begun to implement many of the strategies and exercises in the classrooms.”

“Teachers always need ideas. And not everyone can get to a workshop, particularly when the school year gets busy. Thank you.”

“I have recommended it to others even before taking it and now I will encourage many others to do it as it allows people the chance to do a training when not able to attend it in person.”

“What a nicely done online workshop! Very high quality and easy to follow”.

“After taking five kids instructors courses (and thousands of dollars later!) I still found that they all weren't exactly what busy teachers in busy schools with high-energy students and busy administrators needed!  I finally was able to take your online course and I loved it! Especially because it takes the logistics and the pre-planning and researching component of delivery out of our already too busy mandated curriculum objectives.”

“I am excited about this new venture with your magnificent program Y4C. I was able to experience the online workshop yesterday and it was eye opening and very well presented”.

“Even though I was not at a live training, I felt connected to the presenter and other participants. I liked the breakdown of different modules which allowed for taking breaks or reviewing since we were not able to ask questions. Chunks were manageable and information clear. Well done!”

"I just want to express my gratitude for this online program.  I thought the videos were effective and the exam gave me time to reflect upon my learning and organize my thoughts on classroom application.  I have been practicing yoga for many years, and I am so excited to be implementing it into my classroom.  I hope to inspire other teachers in my building to use the program.  I know there are plenty of teachers doing yoga and reaping its benefits in their own personal lives.  Wouldn't it be fabulous for more students to experience the all encompassing beauty of yoga?!  Thank you for an amazing program!"

"I'm in love with your program. I am teaching in Colombia in schools. These children come from various backgrounds mainly children where the parents are drug addicts or prostitutes. Thank you for this amazing online resource! It's helping me to really reach these traumatized kids."

"One of the best professional development experiences I have had in a long time!"

" I think with the resources given and by taking a step by step approach, the program is really plug and play. it gives us the flexibility to use activities that relate to students in a given moment in time and adaptable to many school environments."


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