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IMPLEMENT™ Leader Training

IMPLEMENT =  Integrate, Model, Prepare, Lead, Empower, Maintain, Evaluate, Nurture, Transform

You are a school staff member who has previously attended the full day foundational Yoga 4 Classrooms® workshop, you have experienced the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness integration in your own classroom, and you have yearned for the day when these simple, accessible, transformative skills are universally shared, practiced and supported throughout your entire school. Are you ready to lead the charge? We are thrilled to announce that individual school professionals and school teams are now invited to become Yoga 4 Classrooms IMPLEMENT Leaders!



The IMPLEMENT program was developed to inspire and empower schools to affordably, effectively, and sustainably integrate yoga and mindfulness school-wide by providing training and resources to encourage and support implementation from the inside.

Our IMPLEMENT Leader Training is our advanced training program for school-based teams and individual school professionals who wish to launch and maintain Yoga 4 Classrooms as a school-wide initiative supporting physical, social and emotional health and wellness, learning-readiness and a positive school climate. Join us for 6 hours of online home study, plus 2.5 days of engaging education, support, planning and teaming. Go back to your school ready to LEAD and IMPLEMENT!

Why is my school encouraged to bring a team to the Yoga 4 Classrooms IMPLEMENT Leader Training?

Experience has taught us that empowering schools to implement from the inside is the most effective and sustainable way to truly integrate a comprehensive program like Yoga 4 Classrooms into a school culture. Model schools have successfully integrated Y4C into their daily structures by attending training and developing a customized, phased action plan together with our support. Teaming in schools promotes a collaborative, sustainable intervention. And ongoing costs are minimized as implementation becomes an internal endeavor, eliminating dependence upon external program providers.

In addition to training with Yoga 4 Classrooms’ creator, Lisa Flynn, and other special guests, IMPLEMENT Leaders will receive digital access to supporting materials, as well as opportunities for ongoing professional development designed to support sustainable implementation in their schools.

Who should be included on the school team?

Send your leaders! If you already have a strong school leadership team, you’re all set. If you are still forming one, we encourage you to think about the “shining stars” combined with key stakeholders in your building – staff members who are positive, creative, energetic motivators. Ideally, these folks will already possess a strong belief in the importance of  social and emotional learning competencies as the foundation for learning, resilience and healthy, whole-child development, and they most likely have experience with, or a keen interest in, the practice of yoga and mindfulness.

A school team might include a building or district administrator, school counselor or social worker, teachers from across grade levels representing general and special education, as well as school support staff (interventionist / behavior consultant, OT, PT, school psychologist, speech/language professional, etc.). Of course, team size and membership will vary depending on the unique needs and resources of individual schools.    

Can individuals attend without a team?

Motivated individual school professionals are always welcome to attend and benefit from the IMPLEMENT Leader Training. Be sure to register using the Individual Registration link. 

What's included in the IMPLEMENT Leadership Training?

This is a combination home study and in person training which includes approximately 6 hours of online home-study to be completed prior to the in-person training, and 17 live training contact hours:

  • 6 hours preparatory online home-study to be completed prior to the in-person training
  • 2.5 (17 contact hours) days of engaging, interactive training with Lisa Flynn and/or other lead trainers and special guests
  • An introduction to mindfulness and self-care which focuses on promoting core skills and habits of mind teachers and school leaders need to create and sustain supportive learning environments while maintaining and nourishing their well-being and joy in teaching.
  • Case studies (including live presentations) showcasing how other educators and school administrators have implemented Yoga 4 Classrooms
  • Comprehensive curriculum review and training to ensure leaders are well prepared to share all aspects of the program
  • Interactive implementation action planning and support
  • Reference and planning materials to ensure staff and administration support, learning, brainstorming, action planning and implementation
  • Membership in the private IMPLEMENT Leaders Facebook group designed to provide a space for open, ongoing conversation and support: Q&As with Y4C staff and other members, exchange of ideas, articles and research, and other helpful, inspirational tips, websites and more to support your efforts
  • Digital repository of IMPLEMENT Leader materials including:

    - Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshop Curriculum
    - 10- and 18-lesson Elementary Curricula    
    - 5-lesson Middle-School / High School Curriculum

    - Presentation outlines
    - Case studies
    - Library of helpful videos
    - Family education tools
    - Database of supporting and related research and articles
    - Data collection resources and supports
    - Forms, template and other supporting documents
    - Action planning tools
    - Fundraising tools and tips, and more...

  • Opportunity to utilize our school consulting services for additional support and guidance as needed 
  • Opportunity to access updates and new materials as they are developed and released
  • Eligibility to participate in additional professional development opportunities in person or online to support school-wide implementation

Prerequisites to attending the IMPLEMENT Leader Training

1) You currently hold a position as a salaried staff member of a school or district and are inspired and motivated to lead implementation of yoga and mindfulness practices school-wide individually or as part of a school leadership team.

2) You have attended a Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshop (on location or online or as part of a full-day, 6 contact hour school in-service) and have proof of attendance, e.g., certificate of completion.

3) You have spent a minimum of 3 months gaining experience with Yoga 4 Classrooms by actively and consistently using the tools acquired in the workshop with your own students. It is imperative that you have some solid experience using the Yoga 4 Classrooms activities with your students and clients prior to attending the IMPLEMENT Leader Training.

4) You have a personal mindfulness-based practice and/or are fully dedicated to continuing study and practice of mindfulness, e.g., meditation, yoga, mindfulness courses, etc. 

5) You are 100% committed to completing the 6-8 hours of online home-study PRIOR TO attending the in person portion of the training.


Individual School Professional: $525

School Team:
3 - 5 Team Members: $500 per person
6 or more Team Members: $475 per person

In-Service Option:
This training is also available to be presented at your school as an in-service for your school team or multiple school teams from your district, eliminating travel time and costs for your team. Contact us.


Registration Deadline: January 26, 2020
Location: Union Elementary School, 1 Park Ave, Montpelier, VT
Self-Study Hours: Content will be emailed on 1/20/20. Please plan for 6 self-study hours to be fully completed prior to the training. 
Contact Hours: Both Fridays 7:30am-4:30pm
Register an Individual or School Team - Purchase orders accepted and can be uploaded via the registration form:     


JUNE 17 - 19, 2020
Registration Deadline: May 19, 2020
Location: Educational Service Center of Lorain County, 1885 Lake Ave, Elyria, OH
Self-Study Hours: Content will be emailed by 5/27/20. Please plan for 6 self-study hours to be fully completed prior to the training. 
Contact Hours: Wed & Thurs 8am-3:30pm; Fri 8am-12pm
Please note registration is taken directly through ESCLC:


Registration Deadline: July 22, 2020
Location: ChildLight Yoga Studio & Training Center, Dover, NH
Travel & Lodging Suggestions 
Self-Study Hours: Content will be emailed on 7/24/20. Please plan for 6 self-study hours to be fully completed prior to the training. 
Contact Hours: Wednesday & Thursday, 8:00am-5:30pm
Bonus Free Refresher Workshop: (Optional for those registered for IMPLEMENT): Tuesday, 8/11/20 (day prior), 9:00am-4:00pm
Register an Individual or School Team - Purchase orders accepted and can be uploaded via the registration form:     


What to Bring & Wear

Attendees should bring their Yoga 4 Classrooms materials from the previously completed prerequisite workshop, a Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck, and also a laptop computer and charger, pen/pencil and a notebook. Plan to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Note that shoes will remain on and we will be seated at tables and chairs to simulate a classroom experience. 

Registration will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Due to limited space combined with tremendous interest, these trainings will fill quickly.

Terms and Conditions

Please review our Terms and Conditions for our policies and waivers.

Continuing Education Credits

CE's, CEUs or PDPs may be available through your employer or credentialing organization. As each credentialing organization has its own requirements and application process, you should confirm that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Contact us if you need supporting information for your application.

Registered yoga teachers are eligible for Continuing Education Hours through Yoga Alliance.

Contact hours for our live workshops and trainings are also valid toward Yoga Alliance specialty designation of Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) when completing ChildLight Yoga's 95hr. Registered Children's Yoga School.

In-Service Training Option

On-site delivery of the IMPLEMENT Leader Training is available.  Bring this training to your school or district and eliminate travel time and costs for your team. Contact us for details.

"I started our Professional Learning Meeting Y4C activities and rec'd a ton of great feedback. I then met with my supervisor to set up a more defined action plan for my school and the district and I sent a survey to the eight classroom teachers who received the initial training and all eight responses were: “YES, let’s get started as soon as we can!” So, we are moving right along! Again, thank you for everything! I am so well prepared to lead implementation in my school!"
"Thank you for helping and encouraging us to care for ourselves and for sharing your wealth of experiences. I appreciated the time given for background information, sharing resources, and for planning, as well as for some practice…It is obvious how dear the IMPLEMENT training is to your hearts…” 
"It was very rewarding to be able to hear from educators in the district and across the country about the reasons and ways Y4C can be implemented in a variety of programs, with a variety of populations.  I liked having team time to brainstorm, as well.  We were provided with a phenomenal wealth of information to utilize as needed!”
"I just want to say again that things are going great here! Staff and admin. are totally on board, students are responding well. I am adding pieces of the teacher resiliency and that is really hitting home for all of us - good stuff!”
"We can't thank you enough for all of the wonderful materials.  Our team has been amazed each time we've sat down to plan for meetings - everything is already done for us!  It's fantastic!
"Newington continues to implement Yoga 4 Classrooms and mindfulness. We have the full faculty of 2 of our elementary schools trained and practicing, as well as the clerical staff across the district, and we're now beginning to offer the training to our secondary schools. It has been and continues to be a fantastic, teacher-driven, district initiative!" 
"I loved being able to connect with other teachers from around the country and speak with teachers and administrators who have fully implemented Y4C in their schools already.  The best was being taught the material from Lisa- the person who created this!”
"I am looking forward to sharing this information.  I feel so prepared!"
"I thought that this was the best training that I have ever attended. I am so inspired by Lisa, and the entire staff at ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms. The studio is beautiful, serene and a wonderful place to learn and grow. I look forward to bringing Y4C into my school!"
"Thank you for an amazing opportunity. The workshop was well paced and very thorough. I definitely feel prepared...I can't wait to share our experience with this program!”
"I wanted to let you know that with all of the tools and resources from the IMPLEMENT Leader Training, I'm getting yoga moving at my school. Our Head gave me time during our back to school meetings to share with the other teachers. I started teaching Y4C on our first day of school in my class. This past week I started in the pre-k and next week I will start with the first grade! At back to school night I began my parent meeting with balloon breath, mountain pose and loosening up the knots. The parents were so very happy to hear I start our day with yoga! I thank you for creating this and sharing it with all of us!"
"Excellent Value.  By making this training affordable, it speaks volumes to your dedication to grow the program to reach as many children, teachers and schools as possible. Thank you!" 

"Last week we had parent conferences. One of the pre-k parents said they need to talk to me. The mom shared that " One day this week I had to use my loud voice at home. Ruby came over to me and said"... " Mommy look at me. Put your hands on your tummy and lets do a few balloon breaths together. Breath in... and breath out. Lets do that two more times together. After completing the breathing together Ruby said, "There mommy don't you feel more calm now?" I just had to share. Integration at work. The benefits of what I am sharing as a Y4C IMPLEMENT Leader are immeasurable."
"The inspiration that I received from hearing so much about the program's benefits, and knowing that I can do this! It was wonderful to hear about the expanding research base and to know we will become a part of that forward movement."

"I attended the IMPLEMENT training in late June, and I wanted to give you an update on the work we are doing at our school. After meeting with the Head of Lower School this summer, we were able to get time during opening meetings to provide faculty members with the first half of the full day training. It was a great success! I had all the Prek-Grade 2 Teachers in attendance, several specialists, and a handful of Grade 4 and 5 teachers as well. Everyone is super excited. My administrator purchased cards and chimes, so everyone has hit the ground breathing (haha!) as we've started the school year. Yay! As to be expected, several folks would like to continue on to complete the full day training. Everyone at Shore (administrators and consulting OTs included) is super excited about using Y4C! Thank you!! 

“This is enriching mine and alll the students' lives to no end! Amazing, amazing stuff! I cannot stress enough how many kids are just soaking this material up, on such deep levels.”
“The program is user-friendly, organized and most importantly fun! I'm honored to be a part of a team of such compassionate and knowledgeable people making such a difference in our schools.”
“When I first knew about your program, as well as other similar programs around the world, I knew your evidence-based, standard meeting presentation of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program with the 4 tiered support, and easy card deck function is the program that I feel would be most easily assimilated into our school system.” – L.E.
“As always, the teaching staff is super organized, prepared and knowledgeable and most important, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.” – B.B.
"Our team just provided the PD last week to about 25 teachers. We also provided one in January. The feedback has been very positive! We're accomplishing a great deal in our school district!" ~ R.W.B.
" much you've showed us the importance and benefit taking time for wellness an intention in our day. As much as I'm excited about the positive impact this will have on our students, I'm also excited about how it will affect my ability to slow down and appreciate the moment. I am so grateful..." ~ L.W.

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