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New User-Friendly Card Deck Makes Yoga Easy and Accessible for Teachers, Moms, Kids and Others

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cards Support Nationally Recognized Yoga 4 Classrooms Program

And Help Provide Optimal Learning Environment, Peaceful Classrooms

November 2011 (Dover, NH) --
Science has shown and educators have experienced first-hand that when children are anxious, frustrated or stressed, it is nearly impossible for them to learn. It is only from a relaxed, calm and present state of mind and body that children can be psychologically and physiologically learning-ready. 

With that in mind, ChildLight Yoga, creators of the innovative Yoga 4 Classrooms program, has drawn on its 10 years of experience to produce a new tool: the new Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck can be used by teachers, students, parents, and counselors.  No prior yoga experience is required.

 “We found a real need in schools all over the country for tools that teachers, counselors and kids could use within the classroom setting to alleviate frustration and provide the most favorable environment for learning and growth,” said Lisa Flynn, founder of ChildLight Yoga.  “We used what we learned to create this easy to use set of tools that can be applied in any classroom, or by any parent or counselor.  The positive feedback we have received so far has been very gratifying.”

The 67 illustrated activities in the colorful deck were specially chosen for their suitability for the typical classroom space, and can all be done standing beside or sitting at desks, while bodies and hands remain off the floor, away from dirt and germs. The cards include a mix of yoga postures, brain boosting movements, breath exercises, visualizations, mindfulness activities, creative movement and community-building games. There are also wellness and character-building discussion points, such as the power of positive thinking, nutrition, and being a peacemaker, that address the whole child – physical, social and emotional.


Activities fall into six categories: 

Let’s Breathe: helps calm and center, or empower and energize.

At Your Desk: provides physical relief from long periods of sitting, improves focus, and keeps body systems functioning efficiently.

Stand Strong: provides simple, structured opportunities to stand up, stretch, balance and strengthen.

Loosen Up: dispels stress through energetic release or introspection and focus.
Imagination Vacation:
offers child-friendly approaches to meditation through guided visualization, helping students bring their awareness to the present moment, which is the necessary state for learning.
Be Well:
offers a framework for child-friendly discussions on topics supporting health and wellness.


About Yoga 4 Classrooms

In 2007, Lisa Flynn, E-RYT, RCYT and founder of ChildLight Yoga, was inspired by the classroom teachers she encountered to create a yoga and mindfulness-based program focused on the whole child that would also be appropriate for the classroom setting. After three and a half years of research, development and test piloting, Yoga 4 Classrooms™ was born.  Yoga 4 Classrooms helps children develop the self-awareness to realize how they feel and what they need; teaches them strategies to slow down, unwind and manage their emotions; guides them through movements that optimize their strength, flexibility and balance; demonstrates healthy habits; and reminds them to love and forgive themselves. Yoga 4 Classrooms provides students with tools for learning and lessons for life.  For more information, visit

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Susan Harrison/HFS Communications
617.285.9766 /

WHOLESALE  INQUIRIES: Lisa Flynn / ChildLight Yoga & Yoga 4 Classrooms
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Our Story and an Invitation to Join the School Yoga Movement

Saturday, November 05, 2011

My name is Lisa Flynn, founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms

Someone recently asked me why it is I do what I do.  What exactly brought me to this life's mission to see yoga integrated into education such that every child can benefit from the practice?  I could have cited research, talked about my teaching experiences, given a speech on how important it is. Instead, I found myself telling a story.   

Since finding my way to yoga in the 90's, I can’t count the number of times I have said to myself, “If I had only had these tools when I was a child, I wonder if adolescence, early adulthood, and beyond would have been a little less painful?” To many who practice yoga, this is an all too familiar question as it's certainly not unique to experience trauma and suffering at a young age. For me, it was followed up by an eating disorder and depression in college years, from which (fortunately) I came out triumphantly on the other side. Years later, though I was successful in my career as a Marketing Director and had started a beautiful family, I found myself searching for a greater purpose in my life. Specifically, I wanted to help others avoid, or at least healthfully navigate, the suffering I had experienced in my early years. And better still, to help all children navigate the everyday "traumas" of school, homework, broken friendships, life. But how?

A decade ago, I noticed that when my then toddler-age children would join my morning yoga practice, our connection and bond was improved through our practice together. We began to use a common language of wellness. “When we start to become frustrated, we can practice Balloon Breath”, and so forth. I went on to search my local area for children's yoga classes and came up empty-handed. The lightbulb came on and my personal journey with yoga and yoga for children soon became a full-time adventure. ChildLight Yoga was officially founded in 2005, and has been providing yoga-based classes and programs to children and families in the ME/NH Seacoast area ever since. The nationally-recognized ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training program was launched shortly thereafter.

While volunteer teaching in a local elementary school in early 2007, I was inspired and challenged by the classroom teachers I encountered to create a yoga-based program focused on the whole child that would also be appropriate for the classroom setting. After three and a half years of research (including our involvement with an ongoing study with UMass Lowell), development and test piloting, Yoga 4 Classrooms™ was born.

Yoga provides vital therapeutic benefits for children. And healthy kids make better, happier students.  This is our foundational philosophy and motivation.

ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms are evidence-based programs focused on providing children with strategies that build the resilience they need to adapt to the busy, outcome-based world in which they live. Breathing, movement, mindful awareness, and affirmation are some of many strategies we utilize to promote adaptibility, self-regulation, self-esteem, courage, a healthy body and a calm, confident, learning-ready mind. This is important - necessary - work, and we invite you to join the many adults who work so effectively to offer the benefits of a holistically healthy lifestyle to children.

Join the Movement!

Yoga 4 Classrooms offers:

One-Day Professional Development Workshops for Educators

In-Service Workshops for Schools

Classroom Residency Program for Schools

Opportunities for yoga teachers, educators and school guidance counselors and similar to train to be Y4C Instructors.

And now, after 3 years in development, we are also thrilled to offer our first product, the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck, a supporting or stand-alone resource for classroom teachers, parents, therapists, yoga teachers, and others who support the health and wellness of children.

Yoga 4 Classrooms helps children develop the self-awareness to realize how they feel and what they need; teaches them strategies to slow down, unwind and manage their emotions; guides them through movements that optimize their strength, flexibility and balance; demonstrates healthy habits; and reminds them to love and forgive themselves. Y4C provides students with tools for learning, and lessons for life.

I invite you to look around the website and learn more about how you can make a difference by bringing Yoga 4 Classrooms to the schools in your own community. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to connecting with you.

Lisa Flynn
Yoga 4 Classrooms & ChildLight Yoga

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Yoga Recess Teacher Grant Opportunity: Apply to Attend Yoga 4 Classrooms Workshop

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ATTENTION EDUCATORS! Interested in attending a Yoga 4 Classrooms Teacher Workshop? Apply for the Yoga Recess Teacher Grant! All school teachers are encouraged to enter by answering the question: How would you use $500 - $1000 to integrate yoga into your classroom?

Send a 250 word essay to by December 4th, 2011. Candidates who are chosen to move forward will be announced on December 19th. These candidates will create a video and submit it to Yoga Recess by January 16th. Voting will take place on Facebook from January 22 - 31st to determine the grant recipient!

Good luck!

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