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Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck Making a Difference in Botswana - inspiring story from Peace Corps Volunteer

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Yoga 4 Classrooms® Card Deck has been making its way around the world by yoga teachers, school professionals, counselors and many others working with children internationally.

Here is an inspiring story we recently received from Lynn Deutsch, Peace Corps Volunteer working in Botswana, Africa:

"I am a 55 year old Peace Corps Volunteer in the small village of Mmathethe, Botswana.  My primary job here is to infuse a Life Skills Program, and in thinking how I was going to get through to the primary kids, many of whom don't speak English yet, I thought what better way to inspire them than to do life skills via The Yoga 4 Classroom cards.  Having been a Child Psychologist for 21 years, and a Yoga enthusiast, I've always loved the connection between life and yoga, the work done on the mat finding it's shadow in life's situations. 

With these African children bursting with energy, yet having little staying power, possibly due to the lack of nutrients in their diet, this is the perfect venue for them---not only to increase their health, but to instill a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.  With their enthusiasm for the poses, they know that every kid is a winner here!  The kids are practicing poses like Boat and Chair on a daily basis now with the teachers, and when I walk about the village, kids flock to me showing me the poses learned. 

A funny thing happened my first day teaching it: all sorts of kids were peeking in the window, and I was trying gently to shoo them away...well, they were relentless, and I was becoming a bit frustrated with kids outside, and then one kid in the class shouted out--"breathe into the balloon, teacher!" It was so funny, and I guess at least I know that they're absorbing the meaning of what I was trying to teach.

Time will tell how these children will translate yoga to life, but working with them is a pure joy and an experience I'll never forget".

Inspired? You too can be the change!

Perhaps you'd like to support the Africa Yoga Project dedicated to bringing the gift of yoga to multiple communities across Africa. Among other organizations, the Yoga Service Council, Yoga Activist, and the Give Back Yoga Foundation are also promoting yoga service to address the needs of various populations and communities in need of the transformative and healing power of yogic practices.

Do you have a story to share about how you use the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck or your training in the Yoga 4 Classrooms program? We'd love to hear about it.  Contact us!

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