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NH Chonicle features Yoga 4 Classrooms

Monday, March 19, 2012

WMUR-TV's NH Chonicle program featured ChildLight Yoga and its affiliate school program, Yoga 4 Classrooms, based in Dover, NH.  The thorough piece features interviews with Founder, Lisa Flynn and Lead Instructor, Sharon Trull, as well as with staff, students and the Principal of Horace Mitchell School in Kittery, ME. In addition, the program features clips from the Y4C program in the school, the newly published Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Ceck and shows a bit of the studio and boutique in Dover, NH.

Notable quotes:

"It's just like peace and soothing. It's like you're in somewhere that's nice and calm." ~ Student

"To be learning-ready, children must be present in the moment and comfortable in their bodies...but what we know is that children are increasingly stressed. We live in a fast-paced culture. There's not much we can do about that. But what we can do is teach them how to manage it." ~ Lisa Flynn, Founder of ChildLight Yoga/Yoga 4 Classrooms

"Now I can focus like a thousand times better." ~ Student

"The curriculum that we share really complements a lot of the school's curriculum...anti bullying and a lot of the wellness initiatives like how to take care of yourself, proper foods to eat, how much sleep do you need, how to be a peacemaker with your words, actions and thoughts..." ~ Sharon Trull, Yoga 4 Classroom Instructor

"The students who are impacted most are those that are diagnosed with ADD, or have focus issues or family issues - they are the ones who are taking it on the strongest in my class." ~ Terry Hartley, Teacher

"They are doing it on their own, independently. I get stories pretty regularly about the kids doing this at home and how it's helping them, or on the playground. They've really incorporated it into their repertoire to help them cope with all the stresses that they go through - it's really true." ~ David Foster, School Principal

We are extremely grateful to NH Chronicle for choosing to focus a piece on yoga and mindfulness education for children. Special thanks to Cindy Jones, the Producer and Editor of the piece.

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