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The Benefits of Meditation for Children | Forbes article

Monday, October 24, 2016

Recent articles such as this one in Newsweek featured a Baltimore school that replaced detention with meditation. This is part of a burgeoning trend of replacing punitive discipline with restorative justice practices in schools. While our friends at the Holistic Life Foundation have been leading school programs in the Baltimore area, other schools across the country such as Edmunds Elementary in Des Moines IA, have also been using yoga and meditation strategies to help students reflect on their actions and make mindful choices. At Edmunds, students that have experiencing difficulty with self-management are guided to name their emotion and practice their "go-to" breath which they choose at the beginning of the day to use when they are feeling triggered. Teaching students to manage their emotions and giving them a space to self-regulate also supports Social and Emotional Learning objectives (SEL) such as self management and responsible decision making. The efficacy of this approach involving yoga and meditation rather than detention is highlighted by tangible benefits such as a decrease in suspensions and increase in school attendance. 

In addition, the research on meditation and the developing child's brain is providing scientific support to the benefits observed in schools. A growing body of evidence highlights increased attention, reprieve from trauma and improved mental health as a result of meditation. This recent Forbes article, featuring statements from Lisa Flynn, founder and CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms, succinctly highlights these evidence-based benefits and demonstrates the growing mainstream acceptance of yoga and meditation for children and in schools. Read the full article...

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School implements yoga to support executive functioning

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Steckel Elementary (Whitehall, PA) Principal Glenn Noack said the program, "Yoga 4 the Classroom," was introduced because his diverse student population often struggles with "executive functioning," which includes impulse, focus and attention control. He explained the students can perform the exercises right from their classroom seats. He added the program will not only help reduce stress and tension, but will also help reduce pre-test anxiety. 

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Yoga helps students through busy school days | ABC News feature

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

School days are busy with plenty of transitions. How does yoga help students focus and get ready to learn? A growing corpus of research demonstrates that yoga activates the centers of higher executive function in the brain which facilitate complex tasks and are involved in forming new memories. It is no wonder that schools across the country are turning to yoga and mindfulness programs to improve classroom climate and boost academic outcome.

Sustainability Academy in Burlington, VT is a great example of sustainable Yoga 4 Classrooms implementation. They worked closely with local trainer Susan Cline Lucey to give all teachers, staff and students a common set of tools for self-management  Yoga 4 Classrooms

Would you like to Implement this simple and cost-effective program in your school? Contact Us to learn about training options.

Watch this ABC News Special to get the full story.

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The business and science behind children's yoga | News Article

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yoga 4 Classrooms CEO and founder, Lisa Flynn speaks with Fosters reporter Kathy Eow. She explains her philosophy for bringing kids yoga into the educational system while using sustainable business ventures.

"Supporting yoga with scientific evidence about its health benefits grounds yoga in logic for the naysayers. Approaching yoga from a business perspective allows ChildLight Yoga / Yoga 4 Classrooms to be a sustainable venture. A different strategy, perhaps, but one that just might actualize Flynn’s long-term goal. “My philosophy is, if we can start kids off really young, and make it just part of the fabric and culture of the educational system, where we’re taking these pauses and movement and mindful breathing breaks and so forth, we’re building emotional resilience over time. That’s going to take policy change.”"

Contact Us to develop a sustainable and customized implementation plan so you can bring yoga and mindfulness tools to your classroom.

Read the Full article here:

Yoga 4 Classrooms founder & CEO, Lisa Flynn. Photo by Kathy Eow of
Yoga 4 Classrooms founder & CEO, Lisa Flynn.
Photo by Kathy Eow of

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