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A love letter to teachers and students

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hello Friend,

It always fills my heart to know that a training you've attended or an activity you've practiced from the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards or the Mindful Activity of the Day Series has been helpful to you and your students. Know that your emails, social comments and words of gratitude are read, absorbed and appreciated. Admittedly, they also help to ease a bit of the "Am I doing enough?" questioning we likely have in common these days. 

Yesterday, I received an email that started like many others... "I just wanted to reach out and thank you." 

Great, I thought - a welcome and positive diversion from COVID-19 news. I grabbed a sip of tea and leaned in to continue reading.
"Your training, your cards, videos, emails, your passionate yet calming voice. You get it...
...Everything you do is like a
love letter to teachers and their students."
And there it was.

I sat there watery-eyed and still as I thought about how this teacher's heartfelt words explained...well, everything

It's all about love. 

Love is the foundation of Yoga 4 Classrooms, its' mission and my personal intentions. And, it's also the foundation of yours - amazing, dedicated classroom teachers, special educators, ESL teachers, school counselors, administrators, occupational therapists, interventionists, paraprofessionals, specialists, school social workers and other school professionals. We are one and the same. Our passion and hearts drive everything we do.

We love our students. We want the best for them. Every day.

That deep and committed love fuels our creativity, innovation and determination, qualities that are proving incredibly helpful during this challenging time. That love enables us to persevere with this distance learning thing, even though it's hard. That love has us checking in with the student we are most concerned about, the one that didn't show up to the Zoom meeting earlier in the day. It ensures we carve out self-care time so that we have the energy to support our students without burning're doing that, right? ;)

Love gives us the strength and courage to learn new ways of living, teaching and being, inevitably leading to a level of personal and professional growth that couldn't have happened without orders to shelter in place.

While we can't prevent the discouraging, frustrating and sad moments so many of us are experiencing right now, we can set an intention to keep love at the very center of our hearts and minds. To let love it fuel us as it always has. To help us remember our 'why'. To enable us to notice the tremendous good all around. To remind us that this too shall pass.

When we invite LOVE to lead the way, we gift ourselves with a powerful compass for navigating unchartered territory with grace.

...which in turn supports us in serving our students well - and our families, our communities. You get the picture.

I'd like to support you with this navigation by inspiring, empowering and fueling you with simple, accessible tools for supporting SEL, resilience, positive climate and well-being, whether distance learning or in your physical classroom, therapy or counseling office. Please join me at one of the upcoming live webcasts sponsored by PESI (4/29, 5/6 or 6/11) or in our self-paced online course (40% off through April 30). Both options are valid for CEs / 6 contact hours for a variety of professions. Educators can also apply to earn 1- 3 graduate level credits.

I hope you'll accept this love letter from me to you and your students. "See" you soon. ❤️

With compassion and gratitude,

Lisa Flynn
Founder, CEO: 
Yoga 4 Classrooms

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