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Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshops and Trainer Intensives

Yoga 4 Classrooms offers unique training opportunities for yoga teachers, educators, school counselors and psychologists, health educators and other professionals in a school setting to transform educational environments through yoga- and mindfulness-based wellness training and support.

The Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshop is one-day workshop open to all classroom teachers, administrators, school counselors, phys ed teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals and others introducing them to the benefits and applications of yoga and mindfulness-based activities in the classroom and beyond. This popular workshop is available on location or online.

Trainer Intensive (Licensed and Schoolsite Trainer Tracks available) are for those professionals, typically yoga teachers, school counselors, pediatric therapists, health and other educators, who would like to schedule and facilitate Y4C Professional Development Workshops and help schools become Y4C Schools via the staff development workshop and classroom residency. 

  • The Licensed Trainer Track is best suited to Yoga teachers or other qualified individuals who are not a member of a school staff and wish to expand their professional offerings.
  • The Schoolsite Trainer Track is best suited to educators, school counselors, health educators or similar who work in a particular school.  Those who complete the Schoolsite Trainer are qualified to share the Y4C professional development workshop and classroom residency (works beautifully as guidance curriculum) within their own school with their own staff and students.

Learn more about the training opportunities available to you and feel free to contact us with questions.


I can't believe how user-friendly, well-written and informative the manual is. It is so well-thought out and everything from the additional ideas for each activity to the different sequences enables teachers to differentiate and meet the needs of every child in their classroom. An amazing resource…will be used daily!

–K.B., Grade 5 Student

I can feel the difference for myself - I am inspired to implement Y4C in my classroom tomorrow!

–K.P., Grade 3 Teacher

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