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Trainings for Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers

Thank you for your interest in bringing yoga and mindfulness education to schools! Yoga teachers should thoroughly review the options below to find the best options for continued training based on their experience and intentions.

Yoga teachers are in a unique position to offer yoga programs at schools in a variety of contexts including as a special, PE or after school program, among other opportunities.
Our affiliate, ChildLight Yoga, now includes extensive information, tools and resources for bringing yoga to schools, preschool to high school. The ChildLight Yoga in Schools information will be covered extensively in the newly expanded Advanced Level Training with the foundational ChildLight Yoga Basic Level Training and certification serving as the necessary prerequisite. Learn more about the ChildLight Yoga Advanced Level Training Intensive.

In the coming year, Yoga 4 Classrooms will offer a more advanced, in depth opportunity for highly qualified candidates to join our team as a contracted consultant. Specifically, we are seeking those who not only have a keen understanding of yoga, mindfulness, and SEL, but also have extensive experience working in a school setting either as an educator, therapeutic professional, counselor or administrator, as well as experience with presenting, training or consulting.

A solid background as a trained, experienced ChildLight Yoga instructor combined with extensive experience using the Yoga 4 Classrooms program curriculum and resources is required. This means you have attended, at minimum, the ChildLight Yoga's basic and advanced level trainings, the Yoga 4 Classrooms one-day workshop for educators AND have extensive experience using and sharing the Yoga 4 Classrooms program at your school. 

Please contact us if you have, or are working toward completing the training and experience described above and would like to be notified when this opportunity becomes available.  


"I'm thinking of it as an investment in my future. That is actually a good price for all the hard work, creativity, time, and money that went into creating it...and you're basically handing it all over to us." –Z.K., Y4C Trainer

"The inspiration that I received from hearing so much about the program's benefits, and knowing that I can do this! I am energized by the possibilities to reach so many children and teachers as well. It was wonderful to hear about the expanding research base and to know we will become a part of that forward movement."- S.B., Y4C Trainer

"Little did I know that when my first web search returned with ChildLight Yoga that I would end up with endless possibilities in front of me! I was thrilled with the CLY Training and equally pleased with my Y4C experience. I look forward to sharing the programs in a variety of ways and anticipate the smiles from children and educators as they learn and experience it all." - J. G., Licensed Y4C Trainer

“This is enriching mine and all the students' lives to no end! Amazing, amazing stuff! I cannot stress enough how many kids are just soaking this material up, on such deep levels.” -S.A., Licensed Y4C Trainer

“The Y4C training has changed my life! The program is user-friendly, organized and most importantly fun! I'm honored to be a part of a team of such compassionate and knowledgeable people making such a difference in the world!” –K.M., Licensed Y4C Trainer

“When I first knew about your program, as well as other similar programs around the world, I immediately felt that this was one important part of the healing tools that are needed in our schools. Your evidence-based, standard meeting presentation of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program with the 4 tiered support, and easy card deck function is the program that I feel will be most easily assimilated into our school system.” – L.E., Y4C Trainer

“As always, the teaching staff is super organized, prepared and knowledgeable and most important, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.” – B.B., Y4C Traner

"By the third day of using Y4C with these amazing children, you could hear a pin drop during desk rest (although we got to listen to the birds signing outside)! They were so enthusiastic about Y4C that I'm thinking of translating some of the cards and sending the information to them to use everyday".

-S.A., Y4C Trainer

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