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Teachers & Administrators Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the best PD day ever! I enjoyed every minute of it and my colleagues did as well. Several of them came to me yesterday to say how much they enjoyed it and how they are looking forward to implementing some of the techniques... we look forward to continuing working with you. Thanks so much!!" ~ Ms. Jennifer McMahon, MEd, Guidance Counselor, Ashland High School

"I truly gained an appreciation of the value of yoga at school & became much more aware of balance, mindfulness, and so much more! I'm feeling really inspired and can't to implement TOMORROW."  A.J. Fagan, Teacher

"Your evidence-based, standard meeting presentation of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program with the 4 tiered support, and easy card deck function is the  program that I feel will be most easily assimilated into our School System." L. E., Teacher

"When I sent out a newsletter to parents outlining the programming I was flooded with only positive responses….We have a multitude of students at various levels, different medical conditions and diagnoses. Everybody can do yoga. It’s a community building thing within the school." Darrin Sinnett, School Principal

"Our goal is to create opportunities for kids to be successful. This program teaches kids to let go of things — stress, anxiety — and move on. Math and reading are important, but students need these life skills as well,” - Ben Loi,  School Principal

"Y4C teaches so many life skills my students need now and in the future. This workshop and materials are so comprehensive! I can't wait to implement this program in my middle school family and consumer services classroom." -
M.B., Middle School Teacher

"I believe Y4C is a great program that will holistically change the overall health and wellness of my classroom and eventually the entire school." -
1st grade assistant teacher

"I love that this program makes teaching yoga accessible to all teachers regardless of a yoga background, allowing the benefit of yoga to reach all students!" -
PreS-1st Grade Teacher

"One of the best professional development experiences I have had in a long time!" -
S.G., 4/5th grade teacher

"Teaching is so stressful and hard sometimes. This will help both myself and my students feel more joy and less stress every day. Thank you for sharing this gift!"  –
G.G., Elementary School Teacher

"You have made such a difference at Central School! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our staff and our children. One of our 3rd grade boys was frustrated yesterday – he used his breathing strategy, slowed down (even cried a little bit) and then was able to share about his frustration and return to the activity. Being aware of his body/tension and knowing what to do – what a relief for him! That never would have happened at the beginning of last year. What a gift you have given him (and all of us!)"
–V. S., School Principal

"I feel this could be life-changing for my students.”
–K.O., Grade 2 Teacher

"As an ADHD coach, Yoga 4 Classrooms seems to be the missing link our schools need to bring all types of learners together.  Present, grounded and ready to learn!"  -J. G., Grade 4 Teacher

"It is so important for children to get in touch with themselves. Thank you for providing a program that gives teachers the tools to help them with that goal.”
–S.A., Grade 3 Teacher

“Emotional well-being, positive social interactions, making good choices and fostering independence and confidence fit so well with the tenets of yoga; thus your program has been a most wonderful complement to what we offer. The children have loved, loved all that I have shared from you...thank you!”
R. F., Preschool Director & Teacher

“This workshop is a must for all 21st Century teachers!”
–J.B., Grade 3 Teacher
"I can't imagine the far reaching benefits to these kids starting so young after seeing what a difference it can have just going to a formal class once a week. I use the bumble bee breath quite successfully with getting kids coming in, sometimes hysterical, from the playground with an injury." -Christine, School Nurse

“I wasn’t expecting that I CAN do this. This is accessible to me and will be for my students as well. I’m amazed and inspired.”
–B.W., School Speech Pathologist

“VERY inspirational! Wonderful tools to use in the classroom. Great community and self-awareness builders.”
–C. B., Kindergarten Teacher

“The kids and I are really enjoying the yoga AND they are really getting that it is something that they can use anytime – how exciting is that?! I think their showing their learning to parents is indicative of the carry over. This is such a fabulous program!”
–A.C., Grade 2 Teacher

"Students are also choosing to use yoga to cool down or gather their thoughts without any prompting from me.  I'm very appreciative that we have this residency at Mitchell!"
-Dana, School Counselor

"These are important skills they can keep with them and utilize throughout life."
–T. C., HS Social Worker

“I am such a HUGE fan of this program. Sharon is so amazing with the kids. I wish we could have Yoga 4 Classrooms all year.”
–J. B., Grade 3 Teacher

“I can feel the difference for myself – wow! I am excited and inspired to implement Y4C in my classroom tomorrow!”
–K.P., Grade 3 Teacher

Yoga 4 Classrooms is a confidence builder for my third graders. Just the other day, one of my students took a Warrior stance and exclaimed, "I am strong" right before beginning a math test. Each child began to stand one by one to take the pose. Yoga has taught my students life long lessons of empowerment.”
–J. Bogard, Grade 3 Teacher

“Dear Lisa & Sharon, Thank you so much for bringing us Yoga 4 Classrooms! I would like to share my thoughts with you. There are so many ways that yoga helps both students and the teachers who support them:

  • Yoga helps everyone to focus, relax, and get ready for the day.
  • Working through practicing poses and improving, or being able to do something they couldn’t previously, gives children confidence, increases self-esteem and is a reminder that anything we do (reading, writing and math included) improves with practice and discipline.
  • It supports respecting individual differences as students discover that what is “easy” for someone may be challenging for someone else (someone might be flexible, but struggle with balance poses, etc.). Again, this transfers so well into understanding and respecting that we are all unique and in promoting acceptance of all!
  • It definitely gives children a tool for when they are nervous, anxious, or having difficulty with self-control.
  • The time we spend on our practice is not “lost” academic time (a concern of some teachers). It actually increases student productivity on academic tasks. The children are more focused, alert, better listeners, more able to follow directions and are more relaxed during challenging tasks.
  • Practicing yoga as a class promotes a positive and safe classroom environment, which enables children to feel comfortable to take risks in their learning, to try challenging tasks and to ask questions when they are having difficulty.
  • Practicing yoga in the classroom helps me feel more relaxed. I am more patient with the children. I am able to remain calm during stressful and anxious situations that may occur during the day.
I could go on and on. Can’t wait for the cards to come out! Thanks again!” –K.B., Grade 2 Teacher

“I have been working on my Masters for the last year. We are up to our big culminating action research project. I chose the type of project that allows you to explore something you're interested in for greater understanding. I chose Yoga because it has been SO beneficial for my class and I'm very inspired to learn more about it!”
–J. B., Grade 3 Teacher

"I just have to add that most of the kids really get into the breathing as they transition to storytime in the library.  it's so cool to see their little bodies just quiet down through simply closing their eyes and breathing..."
-Jean, School Librarian

“We use Responsive Classroom, anti-bullying programs, and we are continually striving to incorporate health and wellness education. Y4C ties it all together and then some!”
–V.S. Principal

“I can't believe how user-friendly, well-written and informative the manual is. It is so well-thought out and everything from the additional ideas for each activity to the different sequences enables teachers to differentiate and meet the needs of every child in their classroom. An amazing resource…will be used daily!”
–K.B., Grade 5 Teacher

"I just wanted to share how cool it was today when I told my kids to take a stretch break, that they were all doing different yoga poses that they had learned, and were quite focused doing it!  Can't wait for second and third graders to have their residency!"
-T.B., Grade 1 Teacher

Student Testimonials

“I used to get really angry, but now I know I can calm myself down if I just take a deep breath. Sometimes I need to do a few of those!”
–J. F., Grade 1 Student

“I love it when we get to stand up and stretch. It helps me settle down to focus better.”
–B.M., Grade 3 Student

"I like Washing Machine.  If you had an earlier problem it takes the stress out of you." - Nate, 4th grade student

“I wish we could take an Imagination Vacation every day! It makes me so relaxed and calm.”
–K.W., Grade 2 Student

“Can we do the Magic Massage today? It makes my head stop hurting from all that thinking.”
–D.F., Grade 3 Student

“I like taking yoga breaks because I can focus and concentrate better afterwards.”
–A.G., Grade 3 Student

“You’ll die without oxygen, so it’s good to breathe. It makes your brain work better.”
–D.F., Grade 2 Student

“I couldn’t go to sleep, so I used Ocean Breath like you said. I woke up and didn’t even remember falling asleep!”
–E.M., Grade 1 Student

“I wish we had yoga day every day!”
–S.M., Pre-K Student

“I like being a peacemaker. ______ was being mean but I remembered what you said that maybe she was feeling left out. So, I asked her to play with us and she hugged me! She’s still mean sometimes, but I think that before I would have just run away.”
–B. F., Grade 3 Student

“I have a million things in my head that I have to accomplish everyday and during imagination vacation time I don't have to think about that.”
–RES, Grade 1 Student

Parent Testimonials

“Thankfully, my children are being exposed to yoga in their school. The first day, when I had 7 kids in my house after school, I asked them about it and they all loved it! I have had different comments: it makes me focus, it calms me down, we do silly poses, it's neat to do something different --I could go on … Our society is way harder than when we were children. They need to learn to focus, find themselves… Yoga can do this for them even if they only receive a touch of it!  Please do the research--it's worth taking the time. Yes, our children need an academic education but honestly a little break for reality is not so bad! – M.W.D., Parent of elementary school student

“I just got back from my yoga class and my son Jack asked what poses I did, I told him "Warrior pose, do you know what that is?" and he said: "Warrior I, II or III?" HAA! I also wanted you to know that my daughter (Pre-K) and son (1st grade) and I practice yoga at home where we play--"do you know this one?" and show each other yoga poses we have learned and then all try them out. Every time we play this, I always learn something new from them! My son particularly likes the breathing exercises he has learned and uses them when he is feeling upset or having trouble sleeping. Thanks so much to you and Sharon for bringing yoga to his school.”
–L. Jones, Parent of Grade 1 Student

“My son, Andy (age 4), has the great fortune to have yoga with Ms. Sharon in his classroom at Central school. He especially loves "that she has us do that relax stuff, turning off lights and tells us to breathe balloon breath and makes power come inside our bellies and into our toes…” Thank you ChildLight for being a wonderful and extremely beneficial part of my son’s school experience.”
–S. White, Parent of Pre-K Student

"I just wanted to tell you what a difference this program has made in my children's lives since they had it last year! They still remember to take a deep breath when they are having challenges, they enjoy doing poses before bed, and they are still talking about the concepts like being compassionate and respectful, and even the importance of eating healthfully. They would come home with these amazing things to share and whenever I asked them how they learned it, it was from you. Yoga 4 Classrooms should be part of every school curriculum - the benefits are immediate and also long lasting. This is a true gift you are giving to kids and school communities."
–D. Springfield., Parent of Grade 1 and Grade 4 Student

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