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That amounts to an estimated 400,000 students reached each year!

Why become a Yoga 4 Classrooms School?

The goal of Yoga 4 Classrooms is to cultivate positive development of the whole child through a set of mental skills central to the aims of education in 21st century: self-regulation, prosocial dispositions, positive attitude towards academic success and development of mastery.

According to the Consortium on the School-Based Promotion of Social Competence (1994), “Schools are widely acknowledged as the major setting in which activities should be undertaken to promote students’ competence and prevent the development of unhealthy behaviors. In contrast to other potential sites for intervention, schools provide access to all children on a regular and consistent basis over the majority of their formative years of personality development” (p. 278).

Elementary schools in particular are preferred institutions for primary prevention programs as they provide the hypothesized “windows of opportunity” for the developing brain, mind, and social environments.  In line with the guiding principles of positive psychology and neuroscience, Yoga 4 Classrooms postulates moving beyond a preoccupation with repairing weaknesses and deviations, to prevention, and further to enhancement of existing positive qualities and strengths in the earliest stages of child development. Learn more about scientific research supporting the Y4C program and Educational Standards Alignment.

The focus of Yoga 4 Classrooms is to create peaceful, learning-ready, productive classroom environments through the systematic use of preventive mind-body tools grounded in yoga and mindfulness practices.  The Y4C curriculum is focused on physical, social, emotional, and attentional self-regulating strategies and skills, developed to systematically cultivate well-being, resilience and lifelong learning.

Y4C provides the school with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, sustainable solution to improve students’ focus and readiness to learn, while positively transforming the school culture. Click here to learn more about our goals and objectives.

How can we become a Y4C School?

There are several implementation options and levels open to schools seeking improved educational outcomes, including the following:

Though these options are quite cost-effective, we do understand that school budgets are tight. Please contact us for grant and fundraising ideas.

Interested in becoming a Yoga 4 Classrooms School but not sure which approach makes the most sense for you and your school?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Y4C should be part of every school curriculum - the benefits are immediate and also long lasting. This is a true gift you are giving to kids and school communities.

–D. Springfield,
Parent of a Grade 1
and Grade 3 Student

"Yoga 4 Classrooms seems to be the missing link our schools need to bring all types of learners together.  Present, grounded and ready to learn!"

- J Gauer, ADHD Coach

"The techniques in Y4C are like a gift...for my students and myself."

- K Kinneen,
Classroom Teacher

"Our goal is to create opportunities for kids to be successful. This program teaches kids to let go of things — stress, anxiety — and move on. Math and reading are important, but students need these life skills as well.” 

- Peterborough

Elementary School Principal

"I believe Y4C is a great program that will holistically change the overall health and wellness of my classroom and eventually the entire school."

- 1st grade assistant teacher, Washington DC

"Anyone who works with children would benefit from having students who are more calm, self-assured and focused.  To be able to bring the skills taught in this program to my students will definitely enhance the classroom environment.  Based on common sense as well as research, I know that incorporating yoga in the classroom will result in better academic achievement for my students."

"Your evidence-based, standard meeting presentation of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program with the 4 tiered support, and easy card deck function is the  program that I feel will be most easily assimilated into our School System."

"I was not familiar at all with any types of yoga. When I read the description that this was yoga to benefit children in the classroom and needed no special equipment and or the floor activities, I was interested. I wanted another positive avenue to use with my students. Inspiring! I am so looking forward to using the relaxation, transitions, exciting pump ups, everything with my children."

"As an occupational therapist, I feel that Yoga not only addresses attention and focus in the classroom, but it also works on a child's motor planning, inhibition of primitive reflexes, and bilateral coordination skills. This program is perfect because it can be specific so that therapists don't have to think or we can adapt it to meet our children's special needs!"

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