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Our Story

Yoga 4 Classrooms was founded by Lisa Flynn in 2007. Read the story of its development and a little bit about Lisa here.   

Why Y4C?

Yoga 4 Classrooms' is an evidence-supported, trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness program for schools that promotes social, emotional, physical and academic health and wellness, learning readiness and positive, compassionate climate.
We do this by providing professional development training and resources to support sustainable, school wide implementation, empowering schools to meet improvement goals while preparing students for a lifetime of success. 

In line with the guiding principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, child development, and best practices in education, trauma-informed care and mental health, we support the idea of moving beyond a preoccupation with repairing weaknesses and deviations to focusing on prevention. Y4C is designed to foster growth in social and emotional development, resilience, compassion, community and positive climate, ultimately supporting the well-being of students and educators alike.

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Scientific research supporting the Y4C program  
Educational Standards Alignment
About Yoga 4 Classrooms

Our Model

Over the years, Yoga 4 Classrooms' model of school program delivery has developed to ensure affordability, accessibility, effectiveness and sustainability. These are the program's foundational pillars which we have observed leads to the most success in terms of successfully integrating yoga and mindfulness into the school day, school-wide.

Essentially, there are 3 main components of the Y4C program:

1) Foundational Staff Training  - 6 contact hours and reference materials to be presented in person or remotely in one or more sessions

2) Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards - for every classroom and specialist, discounted for schools and school-supporting organizations

3) Development and Training of a School IMPLEMENT Leader Team  - optional, but highly recommended for long-term effectiveness and sustainability 

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The following are just a few of the many resources available which highlight and support implementation of our program.


As a local school board member herself, Lisa understands school and district budgets are extremely limited. Please read this article from our blog as well some additional Funding Tips & Resources Ideas here. Some of the schools and organization groups we’ve had the honor of supporting have found these ideas helpful to funding training and materials. 

Are you applying for a grant? The following are additional items which may be helpful to a grant proposal. Do not hesitate to reach out for additional support.
- Some or all of the supporting resources above

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"Y4C should be part of every school curriculum - the benefits are immediate and also long lasting. This is a true gift you are giving to kids and school communities."

"Thank you so much for the best PD day ever! I enjoyed every minute of it and my colleagues did as well. Several of them came to me yesterday to say how much they enjoyed it and how they are looking forward to implementing some of the techniques... look forward to continuing working with you. Thanks so much!!"

“I love how Y4C us designed for everyone and can be integrated seamlessly into the school routine.”

"Yoga 4 Classrooms seems to be the missing link our schools need to bring all types of learners together.  Present, grounded and ready to learn!"

Our teachers were engaged and excited to learn how to implement yoga in their classrooms.  During subsequent observations in classrooms, I witnessed many teachers using different Y4C strategies with individual students as well as the whole class.  Our whole school has really benefited from the experience! Thank you!”

"Y4C is a gift...for our students and teachers alike."

"We would not be where we are today if it were not for Yoga 4 Classrooms."

"Our goal is to create opportunities for kids to be successful. This program teaches kids to let go of things — stress, anxiety — and move on. Math and reading are important, but students need these life skills as well.” 

"I believe Y4C is a great program that will holistically change the overall health and wellness of my classroom and eventually the entire school."

"Your evidence-based, standard meeting presentation of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Program with the 4 tiered support, and easy card deck function has enabled the program to be easily assimilated into our School System."

"When I read the description that this was to benefit children in the classroom and needed no special equipment and or the floor activities, I was interested. It has been so Inspiring! With no prior experience with yoga, I have been using the relaxation, transitions, energizers, everything with my students. Amazing!"

"As an occupational therapist, I feel that Yoga not only addresses attention and focus in the classroom, but it also works on a child's motor planning, inhibition of primitive reflexes, and bilateral coordination skills. This program is perfect because it can be specific so that therapists don't have to think or we can adapt it to meet our children's special needs!"

"Anyone who works with children would benefit from having students who are more calm, self-assured and focused.  To be able to bring the skills taught in this program to my students will definitely enhance the classroom environment.  Based on common sense as well as research, I know that incorporating yoga in the classroom will result in better academic achievement for my students." 

"Our session was fantastic!  The staff all walked away excited to try out some new techniques.  In fact, I saw many classes beginning some mindfulness work the next day. Thank you!"

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