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Professional Development Workshop for Educators

The Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshop is a full day (6 hr) workshop appropriate for all K-12 classroom teachers, administrators, school counselors, phys ed teachers, health educators, therapists, paraprofessionals and other school professionals seeking to bring simple yoga and mindfulness techniques into the classroom or similar setting for a more peaceful, productive class day. This workshop is the first step in learning about the Yoga 4 Classrooms program, its components and curriculum. Absolutely no yoga experience is required. This fun and informative workshop will relax and inspire you!

Nearly 1,000 educators and school counselors across the country have participated in the Y4C Professional Development Workshop since its implementation in 2010:

  • 100%* of educators agreed that Y4C will be beneficial to them as a teacher and to their students, and 99% that it will benefit them personally as well.

Learn more about how the Yoga 4 Classrooms Workshop addresses educators' and students' needs HERE.

*All statistics are based on randomly selected 250 surveys

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Note: If you are a school representative seeking information on becoming a Y4C School, CLICK HERE.

I can't believe how user-friendly, well-written and informative the manual is. It is so well-thought out and everything from the additional ideas for each activity to the different sequences enables teachers to differentiate and meet the needs of every child in their classroom. An amazing resource…will be used daily!

–K.B., Grade 5 Student

I can feel the difference for myself - I am inspired to implement Y4C in my classroom tomorrow!

–K.P., Grade 3 Teacher

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