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Participating Y4C Schools

Please note this page was last updated Fall, 2013 and does not accurately reflect our reach. We are currently gathering data in order to accurately share program reach in schools very soon!

Since its official launch in 2010, Yoga 4 Classrooms has directly served nearly 50 schools by offering the classroom residency and/or school-wide Staff Development Workshops.

In addition, over 1000 educators have been trained privately by attending the Y4C Professional Development Workshop (on location or online) designed to give them the tools to share yoga and mindfulness-based activities in their own classrooms from year to year. That amounts to an estimated 22,000 children reached each year!

The following schools have participated in both the Staff Development Workshop AND the 10-week Classroom Residency with a Licensed Trainer,
officially adopting Y4C into their school curriculum as a sustainable approach to creating peaceful, productive classrooms that support exceptional learning and lifetime of health and wellness: 

Bristol Consolidated School, Pemaquid, ME
Central Elementary School
, South Berwick, ME
A very special note of gratitude to Principal Vicki Stewart, and the students and staff of Central Elementary School in South Berwick, Maine, for welcoming us into their classrooms. Their feedback and encouragement during the 3-year pilot provided the inspiration to continue on to create this program such that other school communities might benefit from Yoga 4 Classrooms.
Eliot Elementary School
, Eliot, ME
Rollinsford Elementary School
, Rollinsford, NH
Rye Elementary School
, Rye, NH
Horace-Mitchell Primary School
, Kittery, ME - Special thanks to Horace-Mitchell School for participating in our study with UML!
Peterborough Elementary School, Peterborough, NH
Buena Vista School, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Victoria School, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes, Burlington, VT (2013-2014)
Garrison Elementary School, Dover, NH (2013-2014)
South Londonderry School, Londonderry, NH (2013-2014)

The following schools and/or districts have participated in the Y4C Staff Development Workshop only:

Gilmanton School, Gilmanton, NH
Kennebunk Elementary School, Kennebunk, ME
Little Harbor School, Portsmouth, NH
New Franklin School, Portsmouth, NH
Dondero School, Portsmouth, NH
New York City Dept. of Education (DOE) Occupational Therapists, New York, NY
Arbutus Elementary School, Baltimore, MD 
Reading Public School District, Reading, MA
Dora L. Small School, South Portland, ME
United Nations International School, New York, NY
Discovery Academy, Hartford, CT
Capitol Region Education Counsil, Harford, CT

The following schools/districts have a Y4C Schoolsite Trainer on staff:

Henry K. Oliver School, Lawrence, MA
Little Harbour School, Portsmouth, NH
Reading Public Schools, Reading MA
St. Michael's Country Day School, Newport RI
Timberlane School District, Plaistow, NH
Flood Middle School in Stratford, CT
ConVal School District, NH
Idlehurst Elementary, Somersworth, NH
McClelland School, Rochester, NH
Northwood School, Northwood, NH
Londonderry School District, Londonderry, NH
Strafford Learning Center, Somersworth, NH
Antrim Elementary School, Antrim, H
Dublin Consolidated School, Dublin, NH

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“We use Responsive Classroom, anti-bullying programs, and we are continually striving to incorporate health and wellness education. Y4C ties it all together and then some!”

 –V.S. School Principal

It is so important for children to get in touch with themselves. Thank you for providing a program that gives teachers the tools to help them with that goal.

–S.A., Grade 3 Teacher

"I believe Y4C® is a great program that will holistically change the overall health and wellness of my classroom and eventually the entire school."

 - 1st grade assistant teacher

"You have made such a difference at Central School! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our staff and our children. One of our 3rd grade boys was frustrated yesterday – he used his breathing strategy, slowed down (even cried a little bit) and then was able to share about his frustration and return to the activity. Being aware of his body/tension and knowing what to do – what a relief for him! That never would have happened at the beginning of last year. What a gift you have given him (and all of us!)"

–V. S., School Principal

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