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IMPLEMENT Leader Training:

IMPLEMENT =  Integrate, Model, Prepare, Lead, Empower, Maintain, Evaluate, Nurture, Transform

Are you ready to integrate yoga and mindfulness at your school? Send a team to IMPLEMENT!


This 3.5 day training intensive is best suited to school counselors, health educators, occupational therapists, school psychologists, classrooms teachers, administrators, or ideally a team from your school, who have a keen interest in leading the charge in implementing the Yoga 4 Classrooms program school wide. Participants will train to become the Yoga 4 Classrooms "IMPLEMENT Leaders" at their school.

School professionals and teams will gain the skills and confidence needed to train their staff, educate and involve families and integrate the program and curriculum in a way that best suits the unique needs and schedule of their schools. This training also offers optional individual or school-based membership to our online IMPLEMENT support area providing a growing library of helpful tools including videos, downloads, templates, etc. to support successful, sustainable implementation, program evaluation and continuing education.

We are happy to announce that we will be launching the IMPLEMENT Leadership Intensive (an advanced version of the former Schoolsite Trainer Intensive) at our home, ChildLight Yoga Studio & Training Center in Dover, New Hampshire this summer. Due to tremendous interest, we have also added a fall training date. Please mark your calendars for either:
2015 Summer Training
Dates: July 30 - Sunday, Aug. 2
Hours: Thursday 6-9pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9-3pm
2015 Fall Training
Dates: Oct. 15 - Sunday, Oct. 18
Hours: Thursday 6-9pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9-3pm
FULL DETAILS of the specific objectives, tools, materials, agenda, and pricing for the training and membership option will be provided here by March 15.

Please note that participation in a Yoga 4 Classrooms Professional Development Workshop is a prerequisite for participation in the IMPLEMENT Intensive. Please plan to participate in one the scheduled workshops on location or online and have some experience using the Yoga 4 Classrooms activities with your students and clients prior to attending the IMPLEMENT Intensive.

Registration will be available on a first come, first serve basis and due to limited space combined with tremendous interest, we expect it will fill immediately.

Please CONTACT US with your interest in this training so that we can notify you just as soon as details are available and registration officially opens.

    "The staff have been using the program with great success and many others are excited to see what it is all about.  Even our middle school parents of kids in the residency have been calling the teachers to share how pleased they are with the program". –S.B., Y4C Trainer

    "As an occupational therapist, I feel that Yoga not only addresses attention and focus in the classroom, but it also works on a child's motor planning, inhibition of primitive reflexes, and bilateral coordination skills. This program is perfect because it can be specific so that therapists don't have to think or we can adapt it to meet our children's special needs!"–J.R., OT

    "Excellent Value.  By making this training affordable, it speaks volumes to your dedication to grow the program to reach as many children, teachers and schools as possible. Thank you!"  –S.B., O.T. 

    "Y4C is an efficient and inspired way to bring health, balance and mental acuity to our youth!" - C. P., Health Educator

    "As an ADHD coach, Yoga 4 Classrooms seems to be the missing link our schools need to bring all types of learners together.  Present, grounded and ready to learn!" - J.G., ADHD Coach

    "I believe Y4C is a great program that will holistically change the overall health and wellness of my classroom and eventually the entire school." - 1st grade assistant teacher

    "I love that this program makes teaching yoga accessible to all teachers regardless of a yoga background, allowing the benefit of yoga to reach all students!" - PreS-1st Grade Teacher

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