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Goals & Objectives

Y4C Goals

The goal of Y4C is to create peaceful, productive, learning-ready classrooms in which students will learn to use yoga and mindfulness to improve their focus while developing a lifelong awareness of the importance of their physical and emotional health. Y4C will provide the school with a cost-effective, sustainable solution to improve student readiness to learn, while positively transforming the school culture.

Y4C Objectives

Yoga 4 Classrooms objectives include:


  • To learn and utilize simple tools that support classroom, school and district educational and wellness objectives.
  • To create a calm, harmonious classroom.
  • To offer students healthy ways to express and balance their emotions.
  • To promote a more relaxed, comfortable state of being - the perfect state for teaching and learning.
  • To bring students into the present moment, the most basic requirement for learning.
  • To encourage community and connectedness among and within the students themselves.
  • To create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm and non-competitiveness, where everyone can succeed.
  • To empower students to support their own health and well-being, in and out of the classroom.
  • To be inspired to focus on his/her own health and wellness through the process of education and modeling of the Y4C activities with their students.
  • To use their own creativity to adapt the program as needed, and to utilize the many resources provided for further knowledge and expansion.
  • To have the ability to monitor the impact of the program, as desired.


  • To have opportunities for beneficial motor breaks throughout the day.
  • To ease anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance jitters).
  • To enhance focus, concentration, comprehension and memory.
  • To have opportunities for reflection, patience and insight, reducing impulsivity and reactivity.
  • To engage in character building activities that support social and emotional intelligence.
  • To improve listening skills.
  • To wake up sluggish minds and creativity as needed.
  • To enhance organizational and communication skills.
  • To improve posture, writing muscles while preparing to sit comfortably.
  • To enhance motor skills and balance.
  • To improve mind/body awareness and connection.
  • To improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • To gain improved respect for oneself and others.
  • To gain understanding of, and ability to integrate wellness concepts such as healthy eating, positive thinking and having gratitude, which ultimately support health of the whole child.
  • To develop the ability to tie-in the concepts learned to daily life in and out of the classroom.


  • To support the physical and emotional health and wellness of students and teachers.
  • To support a school culture that promotes respect for others, the self and the environment.
  • To support anti-bullying education.
  • To support co-curricular objectives, including literacy, math, social studies, science, health and physical education.
  • To support social interaction, team-building and a sense of community within the student body and teaching staff.
  • To create a school culture where everyone shares a common language of wellness, creating a sense of community and harmony within the school. For example, when we feel anxious, we practice Balloon Breathing to help calm and center ourselves.
  • To provide long-term program sustainability. Once implemented, Yoga 4 Classrooms is self-sustained as teachers continue to use the program with future groups of students, while the concepts are reinforced as students move up through the grades of the school.
  • To have the ability to monitor the impact of the program, as desired.

Yoga 4 Classrooms is a confidence builder for my third graders. Just the other day, one of my students took a Warrior stance and exclaimed, "I am strong" right before beginning a math test. Each child began to stand one by one to take the pose. Yoga has taught my students life long lessons of empowerment.

–J.B., Grade 3 Teacher

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