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Residency Program

The residency program typically follows the in-service professional development workshop for the school staff. Facilitated by a Licensed Yoga 4 Classrooms Trainer, the residency program serves to provide modeling and whole school involvement for optimal implementation through in-classroom modeling, parent education and optionally, yoga and/or mindfulness meditation classes designed for the adult community at your school.

Watch this 14 minute documentary submitted by one inspired Y4C School who participated in the professional development workshop and residency program:


In Classroom Modeling ("Classroom Residency"):

The in-classroom component of the residency program consists of 10 or 18 lessons of 30 minutes each (5 lessons of 45 minutes for middle school / high school) which can be scheduled once, twice, or even three times per week.

  • Teachers will be provided an overview of the residency format at the end of the in-service workshop. Teachers will also complete a pre-residency survey at this time.
  • Teachers and students in each classroom are led in 30 minute, in-classroom, themed Y4C lessons, as scheduled and agreed by the trainer and school.
  • Specific curriculum/presentation of information is grade-level appropriate.
  • Classroom teachers participate in a brief follow-up meeting at the conclusion of the residency, providing an opportunity to for review, additional questions, feedback and support, as well as to complete the post-residency survey.
  • Contact with school is maintained throughout the remainder the school year so that follow up meetings can be scheduled if necessary. A final year-end survey is completed by staff and collected. A follow up report is provided to school administration at year's end (or at time deemed appropriate).

Parent Education

The Parent Education component helps to build interest and excitement about the Y4C School Program, while encouraging the development of healthy mind-body habits both in and out of the classroom setting.

The Parent Education component includes a Parent Info Night / Program Kick-Off event organized at the start of the residency for parents and students, as well as weekly parent handouts during 10-week residency designed to engage the entire family in the yoga and mindfulness activities shared in the classroom.

  • Parent Info Night is typically organized at the start of the school residency and includes an inspiring, informational ‘Intro to Yoga 4 Classrooms’ presentation for parents and school staff, followed by some fun yoga-based activities for the whole family.

  • Weekly Parent Handouts include simple, family friendly activities related to the themed curriculum lesson shared. Handouts consist of three parts: “Tell me about…”, “Show Me” and “Let’s Breath”.

    “Tell me about…”
    is a simple way to begin a conversation about what the student is learning by focusing on the 'Be Well' topic discussed in that week’s class.

    "Show Me”
    allows the student to demonstrate a pose learned while parents (and siblings) mirror the pose.

    Let’s Breathe”  provides an opportunity for students to share the learned breathing techniques, empowering families to use them at home and other environments as needed.

Yoga and/or Mindfulness Meditation Classes for Parents and Staff

Finally, and optionally, your Y4C Trainer can provide, or help contract with a local yoga and/or mindfulness teacher to offer, a yoga class on-site for parents and staff to be held weekly or more often as interest dictates. Classes may be scheduled on-site at the school for a nominal drop in fee payable directly to the contracted yoga teacher organized by the Y4C Trainer. Ideally, free childcare is coordinated on-site such that parents are able to enjoy and benefit from their own yoga practice.

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I wish we could take an Imagination Vacation every day! It makes me so relaxed and calm.

–K.W., Grade 2 Student

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