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Classroom Residency

The classroom residency component of the Yoga 4 Classroms program typically follows the professional development day for the staff. Facilitated by a Licensed Yoga 4 Classrooms Trainer, the in-classroom residency consists of 10 or 18 lessons of 30 minutes each which are often scheduled once, twice, or even three times per week.

  • Teachers will be provided an overview of the residency format at the end of the Staff Development Workshop. Teachers will also complete a pre-residency survey at this time.
  • Teachers and students in each classroom are led in 30 minute, in-classroom Y4C sessions, once per week for 10 weeks. Sessions are led by licensed trainers who are specially trained to teach the Yoga 4 Classrooms curriculum.
  • Specific curriculum/presentation of information is grade-level appropriate.
  • Classroom teachers participate in a brief follow-up meeting at the conclusion of the residency, providing an opportunity to for review, additional questions, feedback and support, as well as to complete the post-residency survey.
  • Contact with school is maintained throughout the remainder the school year so that follow up meetings can be scheduled if necessary. A final year-end survey is completed by staff and collected. A follow up report is provided to school administration at year's end (or at time deemed appropriate).

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I wish we could take an Imagination Vacation every day! It makes me so relaxed and calm.

–K.W., Grade 2 Student

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