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Yoga in Schools Promotes Spiritual Development & it Has Nothing to do With Religion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What is spirituality and what role does it play in the whole child development? What is the scientific basis for the importance of spiritual development? Does spirituality belong in the school? 

These important and timely questions, and a more instrumental one "How can the practice of yoga be utilized to enhance spiritual development for school-aged children?", are addressed in our recently published in Elephant Journal article, Yoga in Schools Promotes Spiritual Development & it Has Nothing to do With Religion . 

You can read the full post by clicking here. Below is a part of this article highlighting the benefits of spirituality for holistic development.

"The following quote, excerpted from the Exercise for Spirit section of the new book by Lisa Flynn, Yoga for Children (F/W, Adams Media, May 2013), illustrates this connection between yoga and spirituality for kids.

“Your child’s spirit connects him with others and is essential to a healthy, well-adjusted child. Yoga practices will help foster your child’s spiritual growth by helping him see the beauty and light within himself, boosting confidence, and allowing him to feel more comfortable in his body. Yoga will help your child get in touch with who he is inside, and in turn will help connect with himself, others, and the world in a richer, more positive, and peaceful way”.

An integral part of psychological well-being, spirituality can be enhanced through the practice of yoga. The following are some important spiritual benefits of yoga for children: (adapted from the Yoga 4 Classrooms® Program Manual)

> Builds confidence and self-esteem
>Supports character development
> Enhances team skills and social interaction
> Develops discipline and self-control
> Supports individuality and self-expression
> Encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility
> Supports a sense of universal connectedness
>Inspires respect for self and others"

Read full article here.

What are your thoughts on the differential role of religion and spirituality, and the role of yoga in schools? We'd love to hear from you!

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